1.7 Coming Soon

As we’ve seen in recent snapshots, most of the features have been added in preparation for Minecraft version 1.7. Here’s a list of the main upcoming features.

  • New biomes
    Mesa – composed of clay and red sand, geographically mountainous and can have dead forests on top of mountains.

    Mesa Biome

    Mesa Biome

    Savanna – has more yellowish grass and specific trees. NPC Villages and horses can b naturally. found in this biome. Like the desert, rain is nonexistent here.

    Savanna biome

    Savanna biome

    Sunflower Plains – similar to the existing plains biome, sunflowers can be found naturally here.
    Roofed Forest – like an ordinary forest biome, except tree density is much higher and large mushrooms can be found. It has its own type of trees with thick trunks.

    Roofed forest biome

    Roofed forest biome

    Birch Forest – like a regular forest, except made entirely of birch trees.
    Flower Forest – like a regular forest, but has new flowers.

    Flower Forest biome

    Flower Forest biome

    Taiga – similar to the existing Taiga (now Cold Taiga) biome, but without snow.
    Mega Taiga – similar to the Taiga biome, but with thick trunks on trees, a new dirt-like block called Podzol, and grass cannot grow. Moss Stone clumps are scattered around as well as Dead Bushes, Mushrooms and Ferns.

    Mega Taiga biome

    Mega Taiga biome

    Ice Plains Spikes – spiky…ice plains.

    Ice Spikes biome

    Ice Spikes biome

    Deep Ocean – similar to the existing Ocean biome, but about 10 blocks deeper.

  • Amplified world type.

    Amplified world type

    Amplified world type

  • Melon patches can be found in Jungle Biomes.
  • Plains biomes now have two of the new flower types.
  • Extreme Hills now has snow at higher elevations.
  • Oceans are smaller.
  • Gravel Beaches have made a return. (Back in 2010-2011, they would spawn naturally)
  • New achievements.
  • New statistics.
  • Different types of fish as well as treasure and junk can now be obtained from fishing. Fishing rods can be enchanted to improve luck when fishing.

We’ll post any other findings after the update comes out! The release date is still unknown.

Minethon 3 is Live


The third edition of Minethon is live now, benefiting ablegamers. In its first 11+ hours, it has already raised over $2000, and still have over 60 hours to go! At each fundraising milestone, they’ll do something quite entertaining for the audience!
What are you waiting for? Head on over to minethon.com and donate, or watch the stream below!

Watch live video from minethon at minethon.com

PC Version 1.6 Coming Soon

Over the past few months, snapshots for the upcoming Minecraft PC version 1.6 have been published. From those snapshots, we’ve learned about many features that we can expect to be in 1.6. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve seen.

  • Resource packs will replace texture packs. These resource packs will not only allow the modification of textures, but also of music and sound files, languages and credits.
  • Horses – come in different types and breeds, can be bred, tamed and ridden. Horse Armor can be found in chests (such as dungeon chests) in diamond, iron and gold. These can’t be crafted. Another addition, Hay Blocks, are crafted with 9 wheat and are used to feed horses. Saddles are now used for horses as well as pigs.
  • Leads – Used to tie mobs to fences.
  • Carpet – Most useful for flooring made of wool. This is about as thick as a single layer of snow or a pressure plate.
  • Name Tags – Can be found in dungeon chests and used to name existing mobs.
  • Hardened Clay – More blast-resistant clay, from smelting clay blocks in a furnace. These blocks can be mixed with dies to create different colors of Stained Clay.
  • Block of Coal – Made with 9 coal, and can be used as furnace fuel that can smelt up to 80 items with one block. This is slightly more efficient than coal.
  • Deserts no longer contain water lakes.
  • Chests now generate in Nether Fortresses.

Wool/Stained Clay comparison (Mojang)

Redstone Update Released!

About 15 hours ago, the Minecraft 1.5 update was relelased. Dubbed the Redstone Update, this included many new features related to the use of restone. We discussed in the last entry what these new features were, but here are the Minecraft Wiki links to information on the new blocks and items.

We hope these links get you started on the many features of the new update. Look out for the other new changes and items!

Redstone Update on it’s way!

The latest full update to Minecraft, version 1.5, and known as The Redstone Update, is now not very far away at all. On Thursday, the official pre-release was made available, and with it we got a more stable preview of what is coming in the update.

The full update for 1.5 is now scheduled for next Wednesday, the 13th of March.

For the prerelease, the client jar file is located here: http://assets.minecraft.net/1_5/minecraft.jar, and the server jar is here with the EXE here.

The main features in 1.5 are:

  1. The preview-only ‘Realms’ feature, a subscription feature used for paid public servers hosted by Mojang. More information on these will be coming in a future post, very soon, as we get more information.
  2. Rendering and texture pack improvements and changes, which allow for better performance.
  3. Scoreboard command in the server software, useful for PVP servers.
  4. Death Messages now include further information about the cause of death.
  5. The Redstone Comparator, like a repeater, but with two inputs.
  6. The Hopper, processes item drops and automates related processes. Can interact with other containers.
  7. The Dropper, like a dispenser, but instead throws items at you instead of shooting them.
  8. Daylight Sensor, outputs a redstone signal if it is receiving direct sunlight.
  9. Trapped Chest, outputs a redstone signal if one or more players is looking inside it.
  10. Weighted Pressure Plates detect and control item drops.
  11. Block of Redstone, like any other ore block, but emits a constant redstone signal.
  12. Nether Quartz, coming from Nether Quartz ore in the Nether. Used to create some of the new items. Can also create the Block of Quartz Quartz Slabs, Quartz Stairs, and the Chiseled and Pillar Quartz Blocks.
  13. Activator Rail, sends a redstone signal through the rail to act upon carts that may be on it.
  14. Multiple snow heights.
  15. Sandstone Double Slabs, place two ordinary Sandstone Slabs upon each other.

We will be updating the blog a few more times over the weekend to provide more information on some of the new features.

Mojam: Day 1 Archives

We’ve taken the liberty of hosting the video archives of the Mojam so far for public download.

These files are split into 11 parts, and download as .tar files and decompress (just like a ZIP file) into an flv video. Depending on the length of that section of video, the files range in size from 3 MB to 190 MB. These will be replaced by YouTube videos as we upload and process them. Most of them are in 1080p Full HD.

Mojam 2013

Yesterday, Owen from Mojang announced that Mojam was on again, and very short notice at that! He got readers of mojang.com to pick two ideas from the list of available themes. The top 7 were

  1. Nuclear
  2. French
  3. Endless
  4. War
  5. Kittens
  6. Spaceship
  7. Pizza
There is three squads of developers in this years’ Mojam.
The livestream is LIVE right now:

Weekly Snapshot News – 13w01a/b

Mojang, and indeed the MCUpdate team, are back from a small break over the holiday period, and already we can see the redstone update taking shape. Let’s take a look at what new features have been added in the snapshot so far.

  • Death messages have been altered. They now additionally display the name of the weapon someone was killed with.
  • A new ‘block’, the Redstone Comparator. Pictured right.
  • A new block, the Daylight Detector. Emits a redstone signal, the strength of which depends on the sky light it is receiving.
  • A new block, the Hopper. Moves items in and out of containers, such as chests, furnaces, dispensers, brewing stands, and minecarts. Pictured right.
  • A new block, the Trapped Chest. Looks similar to a regular chest, but has the ability to emit a redstone signal, the strength of which depends on the amount of players, up to 15. These can be made into double trapped chests and work just as normal chests do in terms of storage.
  • A new block, the Weighted Pressure Plate. Made in Gold and Iron varieties, these pressure plates are only activated by items, and emit a redstone signal depending on how many items are on the plate.
  • A new block, the Block of Redstone. Made just like other ore-related blocks are, these blocks can also emit a redstone signal. Pictured right.
  • A new ore, Nether Quartz. This ore can only be found in the Nether, and as such makes it the first ore available in the Nether. When mined it will drop Nether Quartz, used to make the Redstone Comparator and the Daylight Detector.
  • A new item, Nether Brick. Made from smelting Netherrack, it can be used to create the Nether Brick blocks.
Well, that just about covers the main features for this snapshot. We hope you enjoy playing around with it! Here’s the download links.